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Professional Grade - Products

Our Products range from Cleansers, Exfolients, Acne Specialties, Photo Damage, Couperous, Eczema & Psoriasis Cleansing and Healing Muds, Moisturizers, & Full UV SPF’S Pharmaceutical / Medical Grade, Clean Light Weight, Natural  Ingredients with Excellent Antibacterial, Antioxidants & Hydrating Agents for Deep Penetration & Healthy Cell Proliferation.

Because products are constantly being updated as inventory & slight prices levels change mostly due to season. I keep a smaller inventory stock on hand and order regularly, in order to keep products at their freshest.   

For Ideas of inventory (on hand at SY) and prices see PRODUCTS


Via our link to Glymed product company, they will ship directly to you. Fast, friendly, professional products stright from the lab/manufactures, fresh batches and guaranteed.   Order our products anytime from anywhere (whether you are home or traveling.....) (no problem if I am too) :)



To place an order simply create a shopping list and pick up instructions

by e-mailing it to us at

Also text or call us at 775.831.6046. see also our contact page.


If you know the product(s) you are interested in, you can simply add up your total

(x 7.25% tax if in CA) or (4.25% in Hawaii) please (factor for shipping if needed)

prepay with the PayPal {Secured} Payment Method, 

Pay/Pal will generate a receipt for your items paid. Second Youth will too. 

We look forward to seeing you soon.  Thank you!